2019  Garth Bowen -- What There Is


2019  Elaine Lakeman -- Take Me Back, Drowning, Bank Of Love


2018  Chelsea Amber -- Face The Waves
Keyboards, Organ


2018  Willy Blizzard -- Armadillo Road


2018  David John Hensman -- Black Sheep Sun
Organ, Tenor Saxophone


2017  Pam Mark Hall -- Mangle The Tango


2017  George Connell -- Elephant In The Room


2016  NLCC -- Making Spirits Bright Volume 2
Synth Bass, Organ, Assistant Engineer


2015  North Langley Community Church -- Making Spirits Bright
Synth Bass, Assistant Engineer


2015  Christopher Wong -- Masterpieces


2015  Natasha Jolene -- Arké EP
"Whose Voice" Hammond and Pipe Organs


2015  Vineyard Canada -- Lead On EP
"Breath Of Heaven" Alto Saxophone


2015  Stephen Toon -- Exalted Beloved
Piano, Hammond, Keyboards, Telepathic Vocal Production Administration (as Bart Zagloff and Grit)


2015  Q-Town -- Here Goes Everything


2014  The Wiebes -- Arise O Sleeper
Keyboards (Compressed piano, EPs, Organs, Pads)


2014  Josh Jamieson -- Mysterious God
"Who I Am" Keyboards, "He Is Strong" Piano/Organ/Pad/Programming, Assistant Engineer


2014  Emma Alves -- Every Dreamer


2014  Ocean Noise -- Frontline, Museum, Imagination, New Ways To Say The Same Thing
Assistant Engineer (Recording and Mixing)


2014  Faith Numada -- Faith Numada


2014  Rob Berg -- Transformation


2013  Russ Rosen Band -- Songs From Christmas Tales
Wurlitzer piano, Toy piano, Keyboards, Alto Saxophone, Stylophone, Glockenspiel, Aux Percussion


2013  Q-Town -- Right Here Right Now


2013  Patrick Jolicoeur -- Disconnected
Assistant Engineer


2013  Drumeo -- Successful Drumming
Keyboards, Composer (Audio and Video Play-Alongs), Panel Interview


2012  Dan Bremnes -- Your Strength (Deluxe Version)


2012  Drumeo -- Drumming System 2.0
Keyboards, Writing (Audio and Video Play-Alongs)


2012 Q-Town -- Live It Up


2012 Vivace -- Vivace (EP)
Asst. Engineer, Programming, Arranger ("Senza Catene"), Wurlitzer ("Nessun Dorma")


2012 Ezra Kwizera -- Refuge
Piano, Organ


2012  Russ Rosen Band -- Waiting For Abraham
Producer, Executive Producer, Engineer.  Rhodes, Moog, Organ, Keyboard/synths, Toy Piano, Melodica, Glockenspeils, Concertina, Tin Whistle, Hammered Mandolin, Agogô, Auxiliary Percussion, Background Vocals


2012  Jillian Goddard -- Jillian


2012  Michael Wood Band -- Occupy This
Keyboards, Organ, Prophet Pro-One


2011  John Cox -- Running Free


2011  Railroad Media -- The Cobus Method
Keyboards, Writing (Audio and Video Play-Alongs)


2010  Railroad Media -- Blues Guitar Blueprint
Keyboards (Audio and Video Play-Alongs)


2010  Railroad Media -- Beginner Guitar System
Keyboards (Audio and Video Play-Alongs)


2010  Railroad Media -- Drum Fill System
Keyboards (Audio and Video Play-Alongs)


2009  Railroad Media -- Mike Michalkow's Drumming System
Keyboards (Audio Play-Alongs)


2011  Red Lex -- Red Lex


2011  The Anvil Album
Keyboards, Organ


2011  Ryan McAllister -- Music For A Rainy Town
Hammond Organ


2010  Andy Frew -- The Rest Of It (EP)


2010  Jason Alcott -- Too Late To Say Goodbye (single)
Minimoog, Keyboards


2010  Phil Vanderveen -- Standing With Giants


2010  Jay Duncan -- Words Don't Come Easy
Wurlitzer, Piano, Toy Piano, Keyboards, Harmonica, Backing Vocals, Assistant Engineer


2010  Brook Harris -- No More (EP)
Organ, Synth Lead


2010  The Wiebes -- Restore The Wonder


2010  Welkin -- This Is Your Blood All Over Me
Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Upright Piano


2010  Dan Bremnes -- Your Strength


2009  Dan Bremnes -- Beautiful (EP)
Keyboard (Nord Electro 2)


2010  Elizabeth Ann Mathai -- Best Friend
Minimoog Voyager, Minimoog Bass, Keyboards


2010  Lincoln Tatem -- A Voice, A Hope & A Drum
The Mighty Funky-See-Funky-Do Family and Friends Ad Hoc Chorale


2009  Sheree Plett -- The Road To My Family
Piano, Rhodes, Organ


2009  Jon Buller -- Light Up The Sky


2009  Jeremy Johnson -- Look To The Sky (EP)


2009  The Wiebes -- Christmas With You
Keyboards, Sleigh Bells


2009  Aaron Buchholz -- Aaron Buchholz Project


2009  The Wiebes -- Into Your Light


2009  Greg Neufeld -- The Music
Keyboards, Glockenspiel


2008  Garth Bowen -- A Single Birth
Keyboards, Assistant Engineer (Drums)


2008  The Suspenders -- Snowball


2008  Mark Thompson -- Look Both Ways
Keyboards, Assistant Engineer (Drums)


2008  This Old Mountain -- Amen, Amen!
Melodica, Harmonicas, Keyboards, Background Vocals


2008  Stephen Toon -- Open Up
Additional Production, Wurlitzer Piano, Hammond B3, Keyboards, Vocals


2008  Jeremy Johnson -- Form The Words
Additional Production, Keyboards, Percussion


2008  Matthew Mei -- with You Bright Minds
Hammond B3, Fender Rhodes Piano, Wurlitzer Piano, Moog Voyager, Keyboards, Melodica


2008  Greg Neufeld -- Greg Neufeld
Keyboards, Glockenspiel


2007  Geneviève Rainey -- 5 Speed Heart
Keyboards, Fretless Bass


2005  Shé -- Shimmy Shimmy with Shé
Keyboards, Melodion


    2005  Graham Ord -- Regarding the Maker
(Knewsense Records)
Fender Rhodes Piano, Wurlitzer Piano, Keyboard


2004  Jay Duncan -- Lazarus Church
Hammond B3, Wurlitzer Piano, Keyboards, Harmonica, Melodion, Aux Percussion


2004  Dave Mercer -- Tall Blue House
Fender Rhodes Piano


  2004  Known -- A Multimedia Production
Keyboards, Toy Piano, Melodion, Wind Whistle, Aux Percussion


2003  Hugh Boyd -- Drum Stories
Mixing and mastering engineer


  2002  Various Artists -- Cache 2002
(Canadian Electroacoustic Community)
Composer: "Graveyard Shift"


2001  Melinda Appenheimer -- Life Worth Living
Co-producer, keyboards, harmonica, loop programming


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